ZAGG Amazon Merchandise You Should Own

Have you ever heard of the company ZAGG? it has been around for several years. They originally created a product that could be placed over an iPod that would protect it from scratching instead of having to use a bulky covering case. This caused their business to explode, and allow them to move into other areas including the creation of ultrathin cases for iPads, and also Bluetooth keyboards that could be used in place of the digital keyboards found on most iPads today. If you want to get the best deals, ZAGG Amazon merchandise is always going to be at the lowest prices, and here is what you can expect.

ZAGG Amazon Merchandise

One of the latest innovations from ZAGG is the microfiber space-saving keyboard case designed for iPad users. It allows you to type, setting up your iPad as if you’re working with a small laptop. It folds very easily, protecting your iPad as you bring it with you, almost appearing to be a Notebook in size. They also have a variety of other products including an invisible Shield glass that is used for iPhone’s, and many other products including full body and screen only shields that will protect every aspect of your iPhone.

Getting The Best Deals Online

As with most products that are sold on Amazon, you are going to be able to get exceptional deals on all products from ZAGG. They are one of the most well-known companies in the world for products that provide protection and convenience for Apple products and more. If you would like to make sure that your iPhone does not get scratched, or your iPad is easier to use, check out what Amazon has for ZAGG Amazon products and sales that are available every single day.

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The Amazon Asics Gel Running Shoes Were Just Want I Wanted

I am usually very picky when it comes to shoes. I want my feet to feel good all the time. I am especially careful about the kind of running shoes that I buy. I run a lot, and wearing the right shoes really make a difference. I have tried many brands and styles, and my favorite is the gel shoes from Asics. I used to get them from an athletic shoe store until I found better deals online. The ones that I am wearing now are Amazon Asics gel shoes.

I really like the gel technology because the gel provides the perfect cushioning for me feet. When I wear my Amazon Asics gels, I feel like I can run longer and play harder. My feet feel good even though I may have been on my feet for a long time. That is important to me. I do long-distance running sometimes. When I have the right shoes on, I can go on for miles at a time.

My gel shoes are perfect for any kind of weather. The traction is really good so I don’t feel like I’m ever at risk of slipping. My shoes are soft yet rugged. They fit my feet perfectly. Out of all the shoe brands that I have tried, the Asics gels are my favorites.

When I go on Amazon Asics gel shoes are easy to find. There is a wide array of colors and sizes; I can always find what I want. I can have them delivered right to my door too. I have a wider assortment than what I can find in a sporting goods store. I only get my Asics shoes from Amazon now because there are so many advantages to shopping online.

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Knowing A Good Padded Collar

The weekly is defined as irreverent and deaf to the wishes of power. It was founded in 1992, when he succeeded a header called Hara Kiri. It takes many years doing satire and more or less coarse humor with slip on sneakers for men of all kinds, mainly Catholic and Islamic. In 2011 a mob attack message as tried to prevent the weekly output, however, continued to be published.

On that day in 2011 the headquarters of the magazine Charlie Hebdo dawned burned due to afire caused by a Molotov cocktail thrown by hooded. The attack was a response to the cover of the publication, with a caricature of Mohammed, on victory Islamists in elections in Tunisia.

The satirical weekly is known for his controversial tapas making fun of orthodox religions. In September 2012, the publication showed on its cover a picture that featured an Orthodox Jewpushing a wheelchair in which a man with a turban on his head saying “you should not make fun,” accompanied by the holder sits “Intocable 2″ (a reference to Intocable French film, about a quadriplegic white man and his black assistant).

In January 2013, Charlie Hebdo published another strong cover that caused another stir. On this occasion, the satirical publication showed a comic about the life of Muhammad. The magazine editor, Stephane Charbonnier, Charb, who lives under police custody since 2011 said it was “an authorized biography by Islam, as has been edited by Muslims.” Several masked gunmen Wednesday attacked the offices of a satirical media in France, where 11 people died. The murderers then fled the van slip on.

The French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, saidsecurity forces were searching for three men after the attack at noon the weekly, whose cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed have been frequent condemnations of Muslims.Twelve people were killed and eight wounded, four of them extremely serious, according to authorities.

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The best and worst of the makeup world

”If this is confirmed, the first impact will be in metals, high. In a second step, the oil can go up as well.” “There was a strong devaluation of the steel and cheap nars makeup sector in 2014. Therefore, the high ore today gap opened to a small adjustment, “said Waldir Kiel, an economist at H.Commcor. FREE FALL Preferred shares of Petrobras reached up in the morning, but lost strength, changed the trend and closed down 3.25% to R $ 8.33 each -Smaller value since November 26, 2003, when they were at R $ 8.25.

The same occurred with common shares, which fell 2.54% to R $ 8.06. It is the lowest level since August 27, 2003, when they were worth R $ 7.97. The company has suffered from a sharp drop in oil prices abroad, which are at their lowest level in more than five and a half years. The market’s fear is that low in the commodity price levels could threaten even the viability of the pre-salt extraction, analysts say, because the operating costs to remove oil from this area is high. On Tuesday, the barrel of the contract more oil traded on the London Stock Exchange (Brent) yielded 3.78% to US $ 51.10. In the US, the most traded oil contract on the New York Stock Exchange fell 4.22% to US $ 47.93 a barrel. “In the short term, [the fall of oil] is bad for the company, but the planned investments for the pre-salt are long term. You cannot invest thinking in oil prices in the spot market, which is always changing. Therefore, when the investments are completed, the price will be another. It may be higher or lower, there is no way to know, “Kiel said. Added to this, nars blushes follows hampered by allegations of corruption within the company, which prevented it from disclosing its balance sheet for the third quarter of last year.

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How To Prime Yourself For The Day

Also, Dilma ratified ministers of Strategic Affairs, Marcelo Neri; Social Communication, Thomas Traumann; Small and Medium Enterprises, Guilherme Afif Domingos; Policies for Women, Eleonora Menicucci;Institutional Security, Jose Elito Siqueira; and General Advocacy of the Union, Luís Inácio Adams. The big news was the castling Chancellery, as Figueiredo leaves office to take the Brazilian embassy in Washington, hitherto occupied by Mauro Vieira, who will go to the portfolio of Foreign Affairs.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, appointed 14 ministers Wednesday to complete his cabinet and appointed as chancellor, Mauro Vieira, who served as Brazil’s ambassador to the United States, replacing Luiz Alberto Figueiredo. Rousseff’s cabinet will have 39 members. Ratified ministers are holders Presidency (chief of staff) Aloizio Mercadante; Social Development, Tereza Campello; Justice José Eduardo Cardozo; Environment, Izabela Teixeira;Health, Arthur Chioro; Work, Manoel Dias; and Human Rights, Ideli Salvatti.

The ministers of Strategic Affairs, Marcelo Neri; Social Communication, Thomas Traumann; Small and Medium Enterprises, Guilherme Afif Domingos; Policies for Women, Eleonora Menicucci; Institutional Security, Jose Elito Siqueira; and General Advocacy of the Union, Luís Inácio Adams , were also ratified. Figueiredo leaves office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take the Brazilian embassy in Washington. Lee: Brazil and its strategic role in the Patria Grande

The executive board of the Brazilian government is putting the final details for the make up primer of re-elected president of that country Dilma Rousseff, scheduled for Thursday January 1, 2015. “After being received by the President of the Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber plenary that the act of taking best foundation primer will be made,” Lyra said. Current president and representative of the Workers Party (PT) was re-elected with 51.48 percent of the vote, what they mean 700 over three million ahead of his opponent, the Social Aécio Neves, who managed 48 52 percent of the vote in the runoff election on October 26 last.

Javier Mascherano and left the rest and began working again with Barcelona, ​​but this afternoon was a time to speak, among other things, River and Selection. In an interview with Fox Sports, the player ilusionó the fans Millionaire: “I would like to end where I started, it’s like closing a circle.”

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Pizza Delivery

Right now there is a carry out special. This is the best lunch I have had in a long time.

Do you want dessert.  I have to get back to work.  You two seem solid. After working together for five years we know each other pretty well. I think I am the only one in the press corps that is not writing good press releases. I was told these are for you. She may be lying.  You could be my lovely assistant.  I have re-examined the black sneakers.


I prefer to focus on my own feelings at the moment.  If you cannot keep that out of the work place we will have to make a change. His injuries were not as severe. Those people in Chicago were foolish to lose you.  It is amusing to think that Hannah could ever affect my work. His face struck the rocks directly.


This is the spot.  They fell from up there. It is a vista point, a beautiful view. No one can see you from the cliff. She was up here on the cliffs. Let’s look for what is next.

Over 7 million people have enrolled in health care reform. The bristles gently remove shedding hair.  Cats rub against people and objects. It is absolutely free for hours of fun. Could this thin tiny strip give more sensitive teeth relief than sensitivity toothpaste.  My teeth used to be so sensitive I couldn’t eat ice cream with my kids. Why are we here. Is this some kind of torture place. I am telling you I have allergies.  I am not ready. We are going to do a little experiment. These are plants that grow at a higher altitude in the park.  My grandmother knows spells. This is dogwood.  You are sneezing and coughing so you must be allergic. I think I found the fashion sneaker.


It is in a very high concentration only the government has access to this level. I some them hiking together in the park. They let him off with a slap on the wrist.  It was not fair.  The woman said he turned his life around. My brother did not have the same chance. At least they died in each other’s arm. He could have walked farther and then maybe one of them would have lived. What if they had fallen out of love. If we do not look out for ourselves no one else will or should be expected to. He was a park ranger with a perverse sense of justice. I can listen when the smoke clears.


I love Tribeca. I moved down here when I got my gold shield. They did not take his fancy watch. The security system was disabled. Don’t take this the wrong way but you drive just like my grandmother.  Don’t you take it the wrong way you drive like my little brother who does not have his license. You stay here I am going around to the back. You are not getting out of here. Get on the ground now.


What happened. I had no choice he would not get out of the way. We had better call 911 and get an ambulance here right away. There is no word on the boy’s condition. No one will tell us anything. This was not the best day.

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Flex your nikes

In sharp script (signed by Steven Zaillian, Adam Cooper, Bill Collage and Jeffrey Caine), the director (agnostic) explores the top running shoes itself, not to reproach, but to raise the conflicts inherent to the story. At this point, moves away from the classic “The Ten Commandments” (1956), Cecil B. DeMille, to bring Moses (Christian Bale) stiffer, but faltering in this psychodrama of the Old Testament..

Distinctions find themselves from the outset. Away from the baby in the basket of reeds sailing the Nile, Scott presents an adult Moses, created as a prince of Egypt. Preferred by Pharaoh Seti (John Turturro) for his restraint and military vision (is a general), is loyal to the heir to the throne, unsafe Ramses (Joel Edgerton) and treat each other as brothers. But a singular prophecy, which becomes true during a battle against the Hittites, changes the course of this loyalty. Seen as greatest leader, Moses ends up creating a split in such a brotherhood, being sent by Ramses the less work: audit the management of the deputy governor of Pithom (Ben Mendelsohn), the city where the Hebrew slaves live.

Moses, who is as skeptical before the Israelite God as the Egyptian flex running shoes, there sees a moral issue, especially when there is a possibility of genocide to control the population of slaves. When seeking the opinion of the wise old man Nun (Ben Kingsley), this tells you the truth about its origin. “It’s not a good story,” replies the protagonist. When the truth is exposed, so Ramses see a way to get rid of your opponent (according to prophecy) and Moses is banished to the desert, arriving in Midian, where he marries Zipporah (María Valverde). It is there as a pastor, who will meet with God, personified by Malak cherub (Isaac Andrews), which looks like a naughty child.

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Coffee Brewing Finally Made Easy

Chairman of the Committee for Culture, Media and Sport of the House of Commons John Whittingdale, told the newspaper that “scary how much we are losing the keurig single serve war.” He added that he would seek to present the Director of World News “Bi-bi-si” James Harding guarantees protection service as a counterweight to the TV channel Russia Today. “The desire of Russia and China [to increase public news channels in Europe] strengthen us in opinion, why we should support the global news service,” – said the MP.

Demand news service on the background of the Ukrainian crisis has grown considerably. Thus, the Russian-speaking audience Corporation has doubled, to 6.9 million people. In Ukraine, the news service of the audience has tripled, to 600 thousand. People. Total audience service world news The Guardian estimated at 191.4 million people.

In late October, the UK began broadcasting a new news channel Russian TV channel Russia Today (RT). “The purpose of our television has always been to provide the audience a different perspective – one that they will not see on other channels,” – says editor in chief of The Guardian RT Margarita Simonyan.The new channel called RT UK, his face became a news anchor Bill Dod.

Lead also had to become a stockbroker Max Keiser, who Keiser Report program will “expose the shocking scandals, hidden behind the leading news of the best coffee machines,” and in an interview show Going Underground journalist Afshin Rattanzi will “talk with experts on current topics that are local media prefer to get round. ” Before starting RT UK launched an advertising company «RT: For the Second Opinion» («RT: for a second opinion”).

Shortly before the launch of the channel, the Russian government has approved the draft federal budget for 2015 and the planning period 2016 -2017. Subsidies channel Russia Today in 2015 will amount to 15.38 billion rubles. (£ 161 million) (The Guardian called the sum of £ 220 million – a sum in the currency were denominated grants at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on October 31, 2014 – 69.31 rubles. Per pound). In 2014, the budget for the channel pawned 11.87 billion rubles.

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Headphones of the Future

During the meeting, the court-appointed trustee in bankruptcy Victor Mikiton strongly opposed the signing of a buy headphones online agreement between the lender, which is the state, and detached at the time of rehabilitation management of the plant. “This agreement is actually spread over 5 years without any right to return the schedule of debts to the state. In this case, the process of rehabilitation will be stopped and return to the leadership of the people who have plundered the company. A bankruptcy case will be suspended. Reactivate the controls of the enterprise. I specifically You spent the shops, so you can see what kind of criminal activity were here lzheupravlentsy and lzheaktsionery “- he said.

At the same time, Mikiton said that today the investigation of large-scale thefts in the enterprise engaged in law enforcement. The largest theft, he said, occurred over the past two months, when the manager is not allowed into the territory of one of the shareholders, creditors now proposed that the Committee a draft settlement agreement.

He also said that if done correctly remediation company will be able to pay off debts before the end of the spring of 2015 (30 million USD debts to the budget and state funds). Even today, the plant recovers economic activity and repaid arrears of wages, which was confirmed by the representatives present at the meeting of the labor collective.

In turn, representatives of the State Tax Administration Svyatoshynskyi (represent the state and have a controlling voice in the creditors’ committee) said they did not intend to interfere in the corporate conflict and are only interested in the resumption of the solvency of one of the most significant enterprises in Kiev. Because willing to consider the most effective remediation option and will not rush into signing a best quality headphones agreement until the results of the Property Survey Board.

On the immediate signing of the settlement agreement insisted representative of one of the shareholders – the head of the Supervisory Board of PJSC “ATEK” Andrew Nagrebelnogo.

At the same time, another shareholder – the head of the company “EkoZhitlobud” Igor Usenko – confirmed the willingness to wait for the decision of the corporate conflict in the courts with a parallel holding company reorganization. “A year ago, I have (creditors’ committee) gave the draft settlement, where they set the cross.

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Sand Under Foot

Long time was radio silence on the personal Facebook Account of Mandy Capristo (24), but now the sweet singer announced at last back at their fans.”Enjoying my sunday off … what are you guys doing today?” She asks her followers and post a Selfie of him on which she smiles almost unadorned and relaxed in the camera.

Beside her in the car sitting in their accompaniment stylish leather jacket, with which they seem to spend a wonderful day. Whether her passenger, a friend or maybe even something serious is – it can only speculate. One thing is certain: your companion seems to be good for her and lets it shine!

But her smile is real or does it only for the sake of it to their fans, who already were worried about the petite blonde? Finally she seemed depressed after breaking up with Mesut Özil (26), almost apathetic.

We recall that recently came to rumors that Mandy should have had a nervous breakdown during filming for the new season of “American Idol”, where she acts as a jury member. Furthermore emerged a short time later images of the ex- “Monrose” -Frontfrau in the media on which they had red eyes and swollen from crying worked with cap toe shoes.

But all that now seems to have an end – and their fans would be it! They are glad to see their idol so happy again. Mandy looks obvious again optimistic about the future – as we know and love!


A month ago they shone with the sun in the romantic Venice vied: Overjoyed Amal (36) and George Clooney showed (53) after their weddings in the lagoon city. Two times she had said “yes”. First in a free wedding ceremony and shortly thereafter again in a civil ceremony. Although it was only September, it was clear to many: that was the dream wedding of the year!

But instead of leaving it at this wonderful event, put the the newly married bride and groom something extra: At the weekend the lovebirds celebrated a third time wedding. In the grand hotel “The Danesfield House” in Buckingshire near London Amal and George invited to the grand finale of the trilogy. This time the celebration was planned especially for close family and friends with high quality mens dress shoes. Among the distinguished guests: Brad Pitt (50) and Angelina Jolie (39), Leonardo DiCaprio (39) and Meryl Streep (65).

“George was very nice, absolutely adorable. Amal looked incredible and they seem very happy to be very much in love, “said a source told the magazine” People “.Funny only that of the good mood outside the party location was not much to see. The bride looked cool, looked grumpy bargain and also the groom seemed in a bad mood.

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Finally moving

Political scientist Kai-Olaf Lang, the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP, its acronym in German), does not believe that the signs of erosion of democratic standards in these three countries date back mainly to heavy Russian influence. “I would see fox head hats the opposite way: the suppression observed punctually liberal democracy and the expansion of the lack of transparency creates new opportunities for external influence of East and Russia, among others.”


German MEP criticizes Gunther Krichbaum term “putinização” to speak of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. According to the researcher, the EU should be aware of three facts. First, a possible anti-democratic reversal should be properly evaluated, also in view of the causes. Ie: where there are cool fox hats dismantling democracy, bad and corrupt governance networks and dubious relationships?

Secondly, the EU should establish once and for all where you will spend a “red line”, ie defining what is still “acceptable” and what is really a threat to democracy that requires incarceration or questioning of a citizen dissident. Thirdly, the bloc should not forget the discussion about the most effective instruments of punishment for such individuals who do engage in treasonous or terrorist acts or plans.

Krichbaum also asks for an appropriate response to the undemocratic developments in member countries. To this end, he advocates the introduction of a regular monitoring mechanism of democracy and fundamental rights in all member countries of the EU – similar to what the European Commission practice in the area of ​​Justice. According to the deputy, you need to develop a simpler process for penalizing violations of the fundamental rights in the European member countries of the EU.

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Casually Cruel

Settle down Melanie! Take care of your little plant. The little bamboo is going to get bigger and she is going to have to transfer it to a much bigger pot. I am rambling about a stupid little bamboo plant. How stupid! The little pandas on the vase are annoying because they look like my cat Betelgeuse. Yes, hes named after the star. It’s the coolest star in the universe. Pun intend! HAHA. Any who, I am in a weird mood. I have this slight headache and I really need it to go away. Its really annoying. I hope I can get moving really fast and get this done with baby slippers. If I can get my thought process streamlined and my keyboarding more accurate, this will go by a lot faster but I guess that’s the point, right?

baby socks

I try to listen to music without lyrics but sometimes the instrumental stuff can get a bit old. I think im going to try classical. That might help unclog my mental flow. After this song. Craig shaved his beard. I cant shave mine. It’s the playoffs and its tradition. As long as the Giants are in it, the beard stays. I hope they can pull of the win and the sweep of the nationals tonight. That would make me feel really good about them facing either the cardinals or the dodgers. Part of me wants the cardinals to beat the dodgers because I don’t like to see the dodgers advance at all. The other part of me wants the dodgers to advance so the Giants can knock them out of the running for the world series spot. That’s 7 game series. It would be great if the Giants could sweep the dodgers. Abel would be furious. I don’t blame him. It sucks when your team can’t pull it together, buy baby socks and get the wins they need to be on top. The thing that the Giants have over the dodgers is the post season experience that the bulk of the team has. Although, the Royals are a prime example of a young team that dominates in the postseason. They just swept the Angels. The Angels had the best record in all of baseball so it just goes to show you that anything can happen.

Detroit is out so we definitely wont see a repeat of the 2012 World Series. My prediction is that it will be the Giants and Royals in the world series. San Francisco will be the underdog in any case. They are always the underdog no matter how good they are. People love to hate them I guess. They Royals haven’t had a Championship title in 29 years so that’s whats driving them to try and win. You know what team is due for a playoff spot at least? The Cubs. Over 100 years since they have had a world series title. A whole generation has gone by.

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See you at Faro

This was echoed by Laura Bodine, UNHCR spokesman, when he stated that “refugees are the highest expression of our times,” adding that for them “in Europe can do more, and you can do better.” While the commissioner Gianluigi De Palo pointed out that “the beauty bears fruit” and that – quote Christian Bobbin – “what we know of each prevents us from knowing.” As if to say, we zero bias and in true knowledge, direct, of those who live there every next day. Many guests present, the writer Melanie, who reminded everyone how “you write, you read books to open windows to get in the shoes of others,” the director Matteo Garonne’s Gomorrah, and staring up at the brilliant Ascanius Celestine.          The Roman actor has proposed a hilarious how bitter re-reading of “Modest proposal” by Jonathan Swift, in sauce xenophobic. Refugees? “Let’s open the borders, let them all come in, we make them work for a couple of years and then … eat them.” She then followed up with a menu shocking and politically, with a dish made ​​of human beings, like the best hair thickening products.


In the end, coming out of the auditorium Massimo with the precious little book in his pocket – which brings together ten stories really beautiful – you had the feeling that the invitation of Father John “live with a clear conscience wakes up and your eyes open,” can become in a day life lived not far away, for everyone. If the new generations will resemble more and more the 200 young people who participated in the contest, thanks to initiatives of this value as the Centre Attalla.

Learn a trade, of course. Finding a job, is not discussed. But what are the other really important steps to be taken in the construction of a new journey of discovery of self and other? The Lighthouse if Pantene age defy is asked and tried to answer with a completely new initiative. Five meetings – November 5 to 20 -” to know each other and be together, “as the invitation on the colorful poster initiative.

The idea was born in the project supported this year by the Nandi Perrett Foundation, “Cross-cultural inclusion, training and tradition in the service of integration “, an important name that could be translated, in short, to” learn, knowing each “

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Hold Your Head Up

Federal Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the process of Lava Jato in the first instance Justice said in its order that authorized the arrests on Friday (14) that the corruption scheme in Petrobras may have caused damage to billionaires and state coffers public.

According to the nike shoes report, the scheme met a cartel formed by the major Brazilian contractors, who would win that matched bids for works of Petrobras. In these competitions, he says, companies were charging full price and then distributing bribes in amounts corresponding to 2% or 3% of the contract – all that was previously arranged.

Until the afternoon of Saturday (15), the seventh phase of the operation had resulted in 21 arrests, according to the Superintendency of the Federal Police in Curitiba. Triggered by the Federal Police in March, Lava Jato investigating a money-laundering scheme that handled $ 10 billion and diverted resources from the state, according to PF.

In notes released on Friday, after the arrests of several executives from the sports shoes themselves, some of the major contractors in the country have denied involvement in irregularities and placed at the disposal of the authorities. According to the court document, part of the alleged bribe was passed on to the money changer Alberto Yousseff, alleged head of the scheme, which transferred the money to public officials (people who worked at Petrobras or politicians).

“Taking the millionaires or billionaires values ​​of these contracts [between Petrobras and contractors suspected of involvement in the scheme], the damage sustained by the state company, whose majority shareholder is the Federal Government and, ultimately, the Brazilian people, reach millions or even billions of dollars, “says Moro in the text. In the order, the judge stated that the investigated scheme in Lava Jato identified “four dedicated primarily to the practice of money laundering and financial crimes within the black market exchange criminal groups.” These groups, informs Moro, would be led by Habib Chater money changers supposed Carlos Alberto Youssef, Nelma Mitsue penasso Kodama and Raul Henrique Srour. In the course of investigations, reports the magistrate found the relationships of doleiro Alberto Youssef with former director Refining and Supply Petrobras, Paulo Roberto Costa, both arrested at earlier stages of Lava Jato. According to Moro, Costa continued receiving bribes even after leaving office.

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And what makes Merkel now? In Sydney they also warned – despite all the concern and anger all over Putin – to patience: “We need in the 21st century for certain political successes stamina …. There are things that take a long time and require very very much faith in the correctness of one’s own path. Whether he was right or not, it turns out sometimes in the story until much later. ”

Tensions between Russia and Poland have increased by the mutual expulsion of diplomats. Moscow drew several Polish diplomats in the country. The Foreign Ministry in Moscow justified the move with the earlier expulsion of Russian embassy staff from Poland mac patisserie lipstick.


“The Polish authorities have made an unfriendly and unwarranted step” in return Russia had “taken appropriate action,” it said on Monday in Moscow. The Polish diplomats had already left Russia.

Moscow media report that it should be around four military staff and an employee of the political department of the Polish Embassy in Moscow. Reason for the expulsion were “activities” that were “incompatible” with the diplomatic status, said the Russian Foreign Ministry. In general, it refers to espionage mac hug me lipstick.

The relationship between the EU and NATO -member Poland and Russia is due to the conflict in Ukraine as tense. Warsaw supported the pro-Western leadership in Kiev in their struggle against Moscow-backed insurgents in eastern Ukraine.

Last month, in Warsaw, an officer of the Defense Ministry had been arrested, is accused of spying for Russia. Also, a lawyer with a Russian passport sitting in Warsaw in custody. A few days after the arrests, the State Department also withdrew a Russian journalist accreditation in Poland. The man was working for “a security authority,” it was then called.

It is not the first dispute of this kind between the two countries. In 2000, Russia and Poland had shown nine diplomats.

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Girl, you Trippin’

I’ve talked about my trip to Malawi and my trip to Budapest and my trip to Rome and my trip to Cyprus. But there is plenty more where that came from. I wanted to tell you about the first time I set eyes on this baby:

The very sexy perfume. Totally changed my life. No joke. I found it on my visit to the Pyranees, the mountain range between France and Spain. I went there for New Year’s one year with my friend Nadia.


She had just started dating this guy called Kike, who was really into body mist Victoria secret. Yeah he was a weirdo. She wanted me to come with her so that she would have a friend since he was bringing his friends. I always get roped into these situations where friends don’t want to do something alone and me being the adventurous idiot I am I never realize it’s going to be a disaster. So she invites me to this and says we are going to have so much fun skiing.

We drive up there and she decides she isn’t going to go skiing and just frolic in the snow. I’m like I came here to go skiing. See you later. So she and Kike build snowmen and I’m hanging out with Kike’s friends who are both in couples so I’m the odd one out and I don’t speak Spanish back then and they don’t speak English. I ski better than some but not well enough to stop myself from speeding away. I end up skiing by myself for several hours, getting lost, not having a cell phone and finally make it back to them like a year later. I had fun, but it was annoying and we had a huge fight about it later stupid girls that we are.

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